What is spyware and what does it do on your computer?

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Learn with Péndulo Software everything about spyware.

Believe it or not, computer viruses are always there, on the lookout for any device that is not well maintained. As we see it in fictional movies, there are computer labs that are continually updating their strategies and techniques for creating new malicious software. That is why keeping your computers virus-free is a priority when it comes to extending the life of your devices.

However, sometimes on our devices there is a malware that we cannot see with the naked eye, it is there observing everything we do, spying on every page we browse and writing down all our personal data.

What is spyware?

We are talking about no more and no less than “spyware” or also known as spybot. This is a malicious software that hides in the recesses of your computer, and its main objective is to extract all the data from your computer, in addition to saving personal information such as passwords, credit card numbers and of course your habits while browsing the internet.

But do not think that this all ends here, it turns out that this intruder can infect even your smartphone, but you will wonder, why? It turns out that your cell phone is a juicy source of information for cybercriminals when it comes to extracting your confidential data, such as your digital identity, your bank passwords and your contact numbers, among other things. It should be noted that an attack on our smartphone is very common, for the simple reason that it is one of the devices that we usually use most frequently.

Now, if you believed that criminals only use this malware to attack people, we can tell you that this is not true. It turns out that this malicious program is designed to attack companies, in order to steal their financial data and be able to use it for their benefit or resell it. That is why companies must be constantly vigilant to repel these cybercriminals and not be victims of an espionage tool.

Where and how does spyware enter our devices?


There are many ways by which we can be victims of spying on our devices, below we will list some:

  • When we browse, we usually see advertisements and pop-up windows that tell us that our device is infected or that it requires a specific program to remove the virus. And without knowing, we click that colorful button, usually very striking, and we give free entry to the device to a spybot.
  • It can also happen when we install a program or an application and it asks us to install additional programs that we do not require.
    By opening attachments in your email that you didn’t expect to receive.
  • Visit unsafe or unknown links.
  • Using an infected USB storage drive.
  • By not updating your computer’s operating system.
  • Downloading pirated software.
  • Not counting with an antivirus.
  • What consequences does spyware have on our computer?

What consequences does spyware have on our computer?


This malicious software acts quickly and the first thing that attacks is your privacy. Then, your operating system, causing the performance of your computer to drop, additionally you will have problems connecting to the internet, you will also be affected by the continuous appearance of pop-up windows, which will interrupt your searches on the web. You will also receive strange or erroneous notifications from programs or applications that you have not used or installed on your computer.

It should be noted that what we mentioned above can also be symptoms of an attack by other malicious software. That is why we recommend that you always have a specialist in the area, such as Péndulo Software, who with experience, the best tools and qualified human personnel will immediately solve your different and unexpected technological and computer attacks.


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Types of spyware


Spybots were created with a broad vision, and when we say this, we mean that their only objective is not just to spy from the darkness of your device. As we have previously mentioned, these are capable of storing your online activities and gathering information of interest to the cybercriminal. However, there are several types of this spyware, and here is a brief summary of them.

Let’s talk about Adware, this is a spy malware that presents itself to you through advertisements while happily browsing the internet. Which is clandestinely installed on your computer or mobile device and extracts information from your browsing history and is continuously displayed with indiscreet advertisements.

Infostealers are made to compile specific information from your system, browsing history, storage or the different messaging programs you use on your device.

If you are a Gamer, this will interest you, it turns out that there is a Spybot called Red Shell that is installed with some PC games, they visualize your activity in the game with the aim of knowing, investigating and observing your experience, to make improvements in future versions of the game.

Now we will tell you the story of spy cookies. Cookies might act as a type of spyware too, which at first glance is not malicious but can be when a cybercriminal lurks around your device to obtain important information. For example: they can use your cookies to log into your accounts. For this reason, we recommend that you do not leave cookies stored for a long time on your computer, they must be deleted or deactivated so as not to be victims of cyber theft.

Rootkits are malware that is difficult to detect, but not impossible to eliminate. Usually this spyware infiltrates your computer to compromise security. For example: the cybercriminal often uses a Trojan to breach your device’s security system or log into your computer as the administrator to obtain the information they require.

In summary, there are many other spyware, we have mentioned the most popular ones. However, every day in this fast-paced world, new digital tools and software emerge to prevent malware from breaching your computer’s security. So we recommend that if you want to know more about “What is Malware?” follow our page and read our articles where we will be expanding this information even more.


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Anti spyware


The world is constantly evolving, and computer companies are not the exception, we can see daily how new products are launched on the market, among them are antivirus and antispyware, the ones intended to guarantee trust and security in the equipment of the users.

However, you must be very careful when doing software installation of this kind and know which antispyware programs are best suited to your problem. Because we care, we at Péndulo Software have created a small list of the 3 best products used by us.


Do not let yourself be spied


Count on Péndulo Software to perform the proper maintenance for your equipment, we are the best specialists in creating solutions adapted to your needs. Remember, we are not a typical IT solutions provider. We are technological artisans, so do not hesitate, hire our services and maintain your company free of spyware. Contact us through our phone number + 1-206- 741-1041, by email: info@pendulosoftware.com on Instagram: @pendulosoftware or on Twitter: @pendulosoft and we will offer you the best advice.