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Heimdall, protecting the boundaries


Since the very existence of the world that we know, humanity has worked to defend itself, both from internal and external factors. The caves and the heights of the trees were its defenses to guarantee life, later building weapons that helped for hunting, fishing and defense.

Man kept organizing himself so that the community protected itself, and thus as the centuries passed, a part of those communities were perfecting the art of defense, both for their members, as well as of their territories and possessions. Each culture developed forms, tools, strategies and adapted them to its geographical conditions, its physical characteristics and its interests..

The desire to survive was one of its great allies for the development techniques that, with leaps and bounds, were developing faster, perhaps even more than in other areas of knowledge; it was necessary, as it is now, to subsist.


Managed Security “Heimdall: The access’s Guardian”


One does not get tired of seeing the parallelism of the Marvel films and the reality of the world, especially in the cybernetic field, photon field and electromagnetic impulses where Heimdall-like systems wage the most sustained battle for the defense of your “doors”.

Yes, we are talking about network security, defenders who are in charge of protecting your networks, your computers, your data and your computer systems from intruders, unauthorized access, viruses, malware among many multiple cyber attacks.

“I will honor the oath I took to protect this world as a Guardian of its doors” a promise that renews our defense systems in each application, from the simplest or most basic, to the most complex global corporate system.

For the SANS Institute, Managed Security process consists of taking physical (hardware) and immaterial (software) measures to prevent, protect and defend the network from misuse and malfunction, as well as possible modifications, against the destruction or incorrect disclosure of information or even critical functions within a secure environment.

This way, your computer system is protected against external attacks, as well as those that come from within. The most common being the external ones, which is why a lot of effort is invested in providing it with increasingly specialized functions to detect, surround and annihilate intruders and thus defend cyber borders from possible hacker escalations.


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Managed Security “Heimdall: the universal defense strategy”


Most of the protection and security systems in the network are based on three tactics, almost simultaneous: Protection, Detection and Reaction. These phases are common knowledge among security experts. For many, your computer, network or large system is not considered as a border, but as a territory to defend.

Security systems must be configured to protect your networks, making them capable of identifying changes in configuration, traffic problems or loss of information. Similarly, the security system must react immediately, almost in parallel, to the detection of the problem and the possible causes, through vigorous defense responses.

Using more common words, defend computers, servers, mobile devices, computer systems, and data networks from internal or external malicious attacks. These systems are also called Information Technology Security or Electronic Information Security. Whatever its name, the objective is based on these three tactics: Protection, Detection and Reaction.

H5 Managed Security to choose the correct MSSP


Managed Security Providers are those information and computing professionals, highly trained and with enough experience, which offer their services as providers of Managed Security Services.

Thanks to years of experience and to the holders of the latest trends in computer defense, they have developed the creative capacity to view and think like hackers, detecting possible forms of attack, finding the weaknesses of defense systems and establishing strategies for approach, as well as the management of the most effective security.

For different reasons, cyberattacks have increased in recent years. Many companies have lost billions of dollars thanks to a vulnerability found by a hacker. This fact has led consortia to adapt their organizational structures for the outsourcing of consultants in this matter, achieving significant savings for the employer, both in their payroll, and the expenses produced by the loss of data or capital.


guardian security it
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Managed Security Provider: with well-defined functions.


MSSPs are key advisers for organizations, since they work a complete and detailed vision of preventive and proactive security in the different business ecosystems, they are in charge of:

  • Managing the daily security of the business infrastructure, using specific tools designed to find security gaps.
  • They manage to make simulations and scenarios of possible attacks, managing to anticipate existing threats.
  • They predict: they anticipate situations to reinforce defenses against new forms of attack.
  • They respond: in the face of security differences, they investigate and recommend possible forms of defense.
  • They are updated: Its constant update in cyber-crime and cyber-forensics allow it to be updated on the techniques used by the attackers.

Having the advice and protection of an MSSP does not have a calculable value in dollars only, but on knowledge assets, processes, products, manuals and even the style of work that represents one of the most important assets of a company: its memory.

That is the reason why, to secure your computer borders, it is necessary that you can count on specialists who guarantee the security of your cyber infrastructure. At Péndulo Software we are experts in the care, maintenance and network security, we are the Heimdall of your company or business and we protect the doors of your organization to avoid theft or intrusion of possible hackers.

Don’t put the security of your company in the hands of just anyone, make sure you hire experts. Contact us for more information through our phone number +1-206-741-1041, by email: info@pendulosoftware.com  on Instagram: @pendulosoftware or at Twitter: @pendulosoft and we will gladly guide you. At Péndulo Software we are your artisan solution.