Managed IT Services

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Secure your business with Managed IT Services from Péndulo Software


Managed IT Services are one of the most requested when it comes to guaranteeing security and performance in the servers and infrastructure of your business, but where did this innovative technique come from?

In the decade of the 80s, information technologies emerged and the internet would become the main means of communication at the local and global level. Companies had to keep up with the times, developing job positions in networks, structuring large data storage centers and hiring staff for the maintenance of the new structure.

But, in a majority of cases two particular situations presented itself: in the first, companies had to assume liabilities for the hiring of personnel. In the second option, businessmen found themselves at the juncture of hiring third parties; in both situations it was always the same result: the personnel or the services did not adjust themselves to the demanding quality standards, losing essential information for organizational development, as well as large sums of money or, what was even worse, the damage to the technological infrastructure.


data memory



Don’t let your company lose its memory, hire us as your Managed IT Services provider.


Do not allow your company to lose data due to a virus, outdated software or improper handling of your servers. Like the human brain, data storage centers must be well guarded and protected by Managed IT Services that we make available to you all year round.

Managed IT Services is the external assistance whose responsibility is based on maintaining your servers in good working order, as well as constantly updating their software, freeing them from viruses; and backups made by highly trained personnel, according to ILO standards. This has the support, technical accompaniment and advice of the professionals who make up the work team that we put at your disposal throughout the year, according to the options you wish to hire.




With Péndulo Software you count with the specialized support of Managed IT Services


If you hire our company, you will be securing the correct managing of IT Services. Information technology solutions that will allow you to concentrate on your business, broadening your business horizons, while we will focus on keeping your devices fully operational.

In the United States, it is very common for companies to lose their data due to the lack of updating their programs or the hiring of unsuitable personnel. Anything you invest in protecting your servers will guarantee the growth of your operations, resulting in growth of the customer base and a higher handling of updated billing processes.

Get to know the Managed IT Services that Péndulo Software offers

Do not be part of the statistics, hire our services, for a fixed monthly fee, and guarantee the security of your business, with local and global monitoring of Unlimited IT, as well as the maintenance of the infrastructure’s technology for your firm. As creators of exclusive solutions tailored to your needs and potentials, we offer you the adequate solutions for the complexity of your problem.

  • Servers: the storage devices become the brain of the company, where all the information is stored and for this reason, we offer you physical maintenance within your organization or, in the cloud; making sure that your collaborators have one of the best experiences in using them. We are active in constantly updating ourselves and being able to offer our clients the latest trends in technology.
  • Network hardening: conceiving and structuring a network architecture is the guarantee of an organized company with serious prospects for sustained growth. The interrelation or interconnectivity of the workstations will form a network that requires firewalls, routers, cabling and different wired and wireless networks that guarantee the constant and free flow of information between the different workstations, between departments and managements and, these, with their respective backups on servers. We also offer personalized firewalls and telephone services adapted to the different requests of the clients.
  • Virtualization: We put this innovative technology at your disposal. With this system we guarantee the correct administration of resources on the servers, in addition to the security, economy and profitability that this modern alternative offers. We are experts in the creation and development of virtualization.
    Protection against viruses and patches: updating software and hardware is synonymous with the optimal operation of your servers, as well as protecting them against the possibility of vulnerability of your business.
  • VolP Telephone: communication is essential to achieve the objectives of any company, maintaining the equipment and the conditions of this service is vital for the proper development of your daily activities. You can count on Pendulum Software to achieve the best telephony solutions that adapt to the size of your company.

Benefits in Managed IT Services

  • There are many advantages and benefits that you will get when contracting Managed IT Services with us.
  • Adapt the structures to the growing demand for technology, thus lengthening the life of your servers.
  • Reuse of Hardware and maximization of the useful life of the equipment.
  • Service innovation, support and advice.
  • Savings in licensing and related costs.
  • Low or null impact on customer operations due to failures in the IT infrastructure.
  • Proactive and quick response to incidents.
  • Permanent advice.
  • Prevention, detection, recovery and protection mechanisms for IT devices.

Hire the services of Péndulo Software today

By hiring our services, you will ensure the growth of your business. Because we guarantee continuous support, we are dedicated to the supply, design and installation of IT and Telephony services, complying with demanding technological protocols with which we ensure the protection of your data. We help our real and potential clients to reach their maximum objectives, using technology as our best ally.

At Péndulo Software we combine the magic of software technology and hardware to put them at the service of entrepreneurs who require specialized IT Engineers. Contact us! through our phone number +1-206-741-1041, by email: info@pendulosoftware.com  on Instagram: @pendulosoftware or on Twitter: @pendulosoft and we will offer you the best advice.