Future of Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial intelligence and the strengthening of collaborative work


If we compare the science fiction novel “I, Robot” and its different film installments with our reality, Isaac Asimov could predict some changes in the society in which we live today, however, he couldn’t be 100% correct about the environment that we lived in during 2020.

Both Covid 19 and its consequences have drawn an environment where companies must seek new ways to circumvent the different ups and downs of the world economy, since commercial organizations become, at this moment, the backbone that supports the economy of a country.

Within this panorama, companies need to improve their life, preserving it. One of the resources that will inject energy into them and reinforce their production methods is the incursion of Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence should not be seen or associated with the robotics of television series, nor with a long distant future. Rather, we must think that Artificial Intelligence is already among us and is going to gain strength in some population segments.

Overcoming the fear of Artificial Intelligence


From the business point of view, assuming Artificial Intelligence represents an unknown ocean, both in terms of technological adequacy, personnel preparation and costs. As for workers, there is the terror of being replaced or supervised by robots or intelligent bots that dominate the processes.

But actually, Artificial Intelligence is already among us. There are many service and technology companies that have integrated AI in the performance of daily and repetitive tasks.

Artificial Intelligence is one of the best alternatives to generate jobs and especially collaborative work. Among the possibilities of alliance at work, new forms of work are already being seen where the strengths of the workers are united with the AI.

Routine tasks such as attending a call center are being assumed by the AI, giving the opportunity for human talent to be channeled into other responsibilities where they demonstrate their strengths. Currently, many hybrid projects and products have emerged that make AI a collaborative experience with the human force.

Likewise, this interaction workers – AI helps technology to determine the limitations of this type of intelligence, in order to improve it so that it can request help or information from workers when required.

Admittedly, AI programs are rapidly evolving, making this type of software outperform themselves and establish truly streamlined transactions. To take advantage of this technology, companies must create and adopt an AI culture, and to do so, they must observe the following aspects:

  • Trust on the AI: when we adopt these IT architectures we must believe in them as the best alternative for the company. Likewise, senior management must be in complete confidence in the processes that this technology is carrying out with the company of trained personnel, so the business must maintain a culture that motivates human personnel and instill confidence in them, so that they feel that their work will not be threatened.
  • Leave the past behind and assume the present: a present time characterized by learning. Trial and error is necessary to establish a hybrid AI culture and systems. Of course, we must bear in mind the levels of market satisfaction, which will require a greater effort while the structures and processes are coupled.
  • Empathic work teams: you may think that we are unhinged by what we are going to say, but it is necessary to establish a dialogue with the AI that allows it to learn and adapt to the system. Therefore, empathic, open communication will be very useful when implementing and nurturing the system.
  • Develop an AI-oriented culture: it is necessary for entrepreneurs to understand that after the implementation of an Artificial Intelligence architecture, it is important to create a team of highly specialized professionals to advance the necessary transformations within the company, and in each of the collaborators and managers. In this way, the transformational objective will be achieved, improving the provision of services to the final consumer.


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AI and its global economic impact


Since the celebration of the World Economic Forum, held in Davos, the experts forecast for the next triennium an investment that oscillates around 52 billion dollars. This amount is not negligible if we take into account that AI has conquered spaces in medicine, and many of the productive sectors.

But, from this 2020 the AI increases its IQ. If we talk about this technology having the property of learning from the consumption of big data, its behavior mimics algorithms. This computer combination gives you the ability to find patterns and trends, allowing you to make accurate predictions.

In other words, our environment is becoming more and more connected and intelligent. AI can make sectors of our world double their growth. According to the Accenture Report of the year 2017, it maintains that by 2035, 16 sectors of the world economy will be strengthened, such as manufacturing, innovative financial services, transportation, food, communication and health, among others.

An example of what AI adoption can do, can be seen with large companies like Amazon, Microsoft and Apple. Another sector that will benefit is life expectancy, which is why _AI_ forecasts are for countries that take measures for the timely care of the elderly.

Everything is in the world of possibilities, signed by AI, so it is necessary to develop an intelligent attitude to this scenario so as not to get caught in the technological lag. For this, we must hire the best team that gives you the appropriate advice and attention for this quantum leap into the near future.


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Source: www.documentarytube.com

The AI is the future


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