Firewall & Intrusion detection systems

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This 2020 has brought great surprises, among them the results of the 54th edition of the Super Bowl where, after 50 years of trying, the Kansas City Chiefs won the cup. And there were millions of North Americans who connected to watch television and enjoy the most skillful strategies of the teams trying to tackle the ball carrier, nullifying the hopes of either going forward on the field, or for them to make a touchdown.

And from the comfort of your couch at home, we do not realize that in the cyber world there are daily blockades between the defending computers, networks and servers, preventing the passage of intruders who wish to penetrate their territory with malicious intentions. Every second on the internet, amazing plays worthy of the Super Bowl are fought to cut off the enemy.

IDS Intrusion Detection System: an active Quarterback 365 days a year.


Like a Quarterback, or as a general in a battle with a cybernetic map of the boundaries, he deploys strategies to protect, contain and nullify intruders, as soon as they advance close to the boundary line.

Network systems security management is nothing more than software protocols that block malicious attackers seeking to penetrate your network, which can be synonymous with loss of information, unauthorized disclosure of data and loss of money through the embezzlement of your accounts.

An Intrusion Detection system is one of the most important software tools that works to keep your network secure, by flagging those who try to enter your system.

Firewall: Working as a team


Like American football, quarterbacks do not work alone, they are the brains that establish strategies, since intrusion detection systems are part of software security systems that together keep the network system safe.

IDS systems work in combination with certain authentication and access control protocols through express authorization, both creating a double form of defense.
In addition, the Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) work in coordination with antivirus and anti malware, this is the main strategy, mobilizing the different forces, as in battles, they join forces to annihilate the enemy who can disguise himself to go unnoticed.


firewall measuring security
Source: compuquip.com


Measuring strength


As in real life, the Intrusion Detection Systems work, as mentioned above, in combination with antivirus and anti-malware, but this combination of forces is not enough if we are talking about much larger and more complex network architectures, and for this, much more robust systems are necessary.

Analyzing the enemy’s strategy


Intrusion detection systems constantly work on the analysis of patterns, take snapshots of the entire system and after analyzing movements and changes in the network, establish patterns to determine how the attack was or, anticipate it. I work for two answers, improve security systems, repair the system and learn from the attack.

What is a Firewall


This system, also known as a firewall, can be a piece of hardware or a specific program that manages and filters incoming or outgoing traffic produced by the connection between two networks or between two computers within the same network. Very similar to how traffic enforcers exercise control in the roadblocks, plus the containment of any possible person who wants to pass without authorization to other territories.

And like an American football defense player, this is how the firewall seeks to block the passage of anyone who doesn’t identify themselves and wants to continue walking, whether entering or leaving your network or computer. For the Firewall to give you free transit, you must comply with a series of Rules that the system administrator can specify.

The firewall doesn’t only block the access or exit of intruders, but can also block certain outgoing data traffic from the computer that does not have our authorization.


padlock it security
Source: compuquip.com


Firewall: the quarterback with a defined mission


The security of your computer, server, or the full system, will be protected from unauthorized traffic, be it incoming or outgoing. But, let’s get to know more about its mission in-depth:

  • Protect and preserve the network’s security and each of the elements that comprise it.
  • Protect the computer or small network that you have at home or in your business.
  • Avoid the intrusion of unwanted users, both from the same network, as well as hackers.
  • Prevent attacks.

Firewall types: the all-seeing eye


Nowadays, firewalls need to have greater visibility of the traffic that passes through a network, having enough analysis power to allow the flow of content, stopping possible intruders. The market for this software has evolved, and five types can be found on the market:

  • Packet filtering firewall: it has a decision-making ability for access authorization according to the IP address, ports or protocols. They are very dynamic software applications because the logic is simple when making decisions, without getting complicated with internal inspections of traffic, as well as internal inspection of the state.
  • Circuit level Gateway: It operates in the transport layer of the internet or OSI, and implements filtering at the packet level. It studies them and identifies suspicious packages. Its main mission is to check the validity of the connections of the circuits in the transport layer.
  • Status inspection firewall: this is the software capable of monitoring the connection status. That is, the ports can be opened or closed in a dynamic and agile way, with the purpose of completing a transaction.
  • Application level gateway (Proxy): this firewall software operates at the application layer of the OSI model. Its mission is to filter access according to the application’s definitions. It is one of the safest due to its ability to inspect data packages, ensuring that they conform to the given specifications.
  • Next Generation Firewall: this one is characterized by basic packet filtering or proxy-based decision making in layers 3 and 4 of the internet transport line. Among its most outstanding features are the identification and applications control, user authentication, protection against malware infiltration, as well as protection against exploits, among many others.

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