Mantissa College awards a class of students a Diploma in Information Technology. Applications can be submitted to the school online. Students who finish this course will have the conceptual and practical tools to provide IT support work in offices, firms, and other organizations.
This has grown in importance in recent years because Information Technology plays a crucial role in the structure and management of today’s businesses. Graduates of this diploma IT course have undergone hands-on training on various modern IT equipment and processes giving them the necessary experience to perform outside the classroom.
Students who have finished the 2-year course have opened the door to practice their skills and technical know-how as a professional. They can also opt to pursue higher IT education using their diploma as a prerequisite for a more specialized IT degree.
This course from http://www.mantissa.edu.my  will contain key IT subjects including computer basics, web development, management information systems, computer programming, computer applications, mathematics, marketing, basic economics, simple accounting, and Bahasa communication skills for students who want to communicate better in a Malaysian working environment.
Aside from these subjects, students will also undergo an internship program and will be required to produce an IT project before they are awarded a diploma. It is proof that students have gained a higher level of understanding of the broad range of IT topics when they create a product of their learning. The experience will also put them in a situation where they learn how Information Technology is being used in the business environment.
Students who want to enroll in the Mantissa College Diploma in Information Technology course must meet a minimum number of requirements. First, all incoming students should be at the SPM (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia) O-level which means they own a minimum of three (3) SPM credits to make them eligible for admission. As for language qualifications, students should have a minimum Grade of D in Bahasa Malaysia and Sejarah communication subjects. Click the link to direct you to the Mantissa College application page.

With completion of this course, the graduate will be able to:
– Apply for various IT jobs in industrial and commercial organizations
– Work either in the private or public sector
– Common IT positions like IT technician, IT User Support Service, Web Developer, Network Technician, and Programmer
– Maneuver through different types of information systems
– Operate IT control tools inside offices and networks
– Introduce and apply relevant software to the business system
– Maintain and manage the database of an organization
– Build IT systems for smooth software-database interaction
– Teach and define user roles in the IT system and design of the business
– Identify all IT tools present inside the IT system
– Work in the creation of the IT system design for the organization
This diploma course owns a MQA (Malaysian Qualification Agency) Full Accreditation certificate which ensures all graduates are qualified professionals. Malaysian Labor organizations like the PSD and JPA have recognized this diploma course as a trusted source of skilled and knowledgeable workers as well.

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