Becoming An Office 365 Malaysia Partner

There are a number of amazing benefits that come along with becoming an Office 365 Malaysia partner. When you are a solutions capabilities expert with Office 365, you will see that your business will be able to earn most or all of the following competencies of the Microsoft Partner Network:

Small/Mid-Market Cloud Solutions

You can be known for the sales and deployment of Microsoft Office 365 cloud and all of the hybrid solutions to both small and mid-sized businesses. This will allow you the ability to differentiate your business completely, making you eligible for Signature Cloud Support, along with incentives and prioritized placement of Microsoft Referrals.
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Cloud Productivity

As an Office 365 partner, you will be able to receive a selection of core benefits that are part of the membership with the Microsoft Partner Network. Additionally, you will have access to all of the internal use software licenses with Office 365.

Cloud Platform

You can actually select the right option to meet your needs. Each partner will have their own way of achieving the success they are looking for. You will be able to make your way using the option that lines up with your business focus and capabilities. You can obtain this competency by completing your organization’s profile, showcasing your unique abilities and then paying the associated fee.

Why Resell Office 365?

With the services that surround this product, the profits are made with technical support and data migration. There have been some smart resellers that are able to earn up to 38% revenue from the managed services surrounding Office 365 alone. Some of the resellers will end up charging their clients an ongoing service fee each month, while others will be charging by the

If you end up partnering with the best cloud provider such as ServeComp, you could see some initial margins that will be upward of 43%. You can also score additional discounts on performance that may range from anywhere between 5% to 20% for any recurring services. Any reseller that acts as an advisor can earn commissions on a one-time basis of up to an outstanding 150% just by referring other clients for Office 365.

Turning Tech Support Into Revenue

When you are a partner, you will have the ability to put yourself in a great position for supporting your customers with Office 365. They are looking for a trusted IT advisor who is able to help them while dealing with their tech issues. Some resellers will be able to charge a flat fee on the hour for technical support, while there are others that will charge on a monthly basis for the work offered to their customers. Because you are in the business to turn a profit, you will always see that it is best to offer great services that are worth it to your customers.

Becoming a successful Malaysia partner is something that will give you a decent income and a good customer base. It is all about putting everything in order so that you can gain the momentum that you need.

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