About Pendulo


Pendulo was founded by a group of experts in the field of software and technology. Our founders built this company to not only develop and promote new ideas in the industry but also seek out to uplift the potential of every person who dreams about making their own name.

We’ve experienced the inequalities that persist in society from the lack of infrastructure to the lack of competent instructors. Our presence in the online community helps us reach more teachers, schools, and students so that they can learn from us directly through our website.

The goal is to impart knowledge in communities who have had no access to software and technology experts so that they can educate the locals. Proper education will unleash the potential in their students and someday they might become instruments of change that will push the industry even further.

Equal opportunity is what we strive for. Our company accepts the responsibility of ensuring that we can give more and more people access to both knowledge and infrastructure in software and technology to facilitate bigger and better changes in the future.

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