We are not a typical IT solutions company provider...

We are the Tech Artisans

As IT artisans, we really enjoy crafting exotic solutions to exotic problems and not just Software related.

The many ways we can help you!

We are creators of exotic solutions and this allows Us to offer a wide range of solutions to different, various  and complex problems; if You can not find the answer here please, just Contact Us! 

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Managed IT

Device, desktop computer, laptop, server, and network breakdowns and errors can cause delays, hurt productivity, and even halt your business to a stop. Why not entrusting your IT department with a company committed to your success?. More info...

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Software Development

Are you still struggling to find software solutions fit for your company’s needs? Or do you wish to systematize some processes? We are able to create, design, and develop software suited for your company’s needs. More info...


"To avert an attack from a robber, you have to think like one"

If you have ever been online, our information is most likely already compromised. We implement several IT security technologies to prevent malicious aggressions, thus helping safeguard your company’s information.
More info...


This is technology that is not only related to money or Bitcoin, it also helps get rid of intermediaries and reduce process costs. Likewise it adds other benefits, such as data persistence, infallibility, and system invulnerability, among others. Blockchain definitely constitutes and ally for your business. More info...

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Remote Working

We have the right tools to offering flexibility for your workforce, stay connected with employees and stakeholders even in an unexpected event, like the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. More info...

Help & Support

We can help to maintain and support your technology infrastructure meanwhile you are in focus on keeping your business running and driving growth. More info...

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"Extremely talented staff, professional and very, very friendly. I would recommend Pendulo Software to anyone need help with technology stuff!"
Deylin Pirela
CEO - RapiGO Solutions